Kiamichi Skies – MAC/ Alien Cheese Flower

      • Kiamichi Skies –
        • MAC and Cheese Flower
          • Hybrid / Indica
          • 21.5% THC
          • Flavors: sharp, sour
          • Lineage: MAC & Alien Cheese
            • MAC / Miracle Alien Cookies – 50/50 Hybrid
              • Relieves depression, pain, muscle spasms, stress, appetite loss, hypertension, sleep disorders, stimulates appetite, gives euphoric energy boost to help with laziness
            • OG Cheese – Hybrid / Indica (20S/80I)
              • Relieves stress, anxiety, pain control, improves mood, boosts appetite, nausea control, insomnia, induces strong body buzz followed by body relaxation and couch-lock



          • Quarter quantity only


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